How to Download YouTube Video and Save It to Your Computer for Offline Viewing

Just enter the particular YouTube website and you also can search virtually some kind of videos on the subject you like. With embedded Html document and video surging technology, you can watch videos directly from a browser. You can also post text thoughts or a video response into the videos, view other related videos and upload your own personal video as well. With lots associated with features given, unfortunately there can be one feature that YouTube will not provide and that's to let people download the video tutorial. But here is really a trick to allow you to download and spend less the video with regard to offline viewing.


1. Go to any kind of YouTube video you are watching. Right mouse click on page and select the "View Source" option from your menu. Or "View Site Source" for FireFox cell phone.

2. Press "CTRL + F" to look for a word "player2. swf". And notice the good news is HTML line in this way: "/player2. swf? hl=en& video_id=tRTk0RPXtW4& l=63& t=OEgsToPDskIQlbZwT1Qgaln7RKqMqrKe"

3. Upgrade the "/player2. swf" for you to "http: //www. vimeo. com/get_video" and it will become: "http: //www. vimeo. com/get_video? video_id=tRTk0RPXtW4& l=63& t=OEgsToPDskIQlbZwT1Qgaln7RKqMqrKe"

4. Paste it into the "Address Bar" at top within your browser and media "Enter". Then it will prompt you just to save the video. Make sure to name your video considering the ". flv" extension towards the end of the filename. A proper example would be such as "myvideo. flv".

Understand that the video you could have saved just now is Flash Video Structure. It is the standard file format YouTube use to play video on their own website. So, your Windows Media Player might not exactly able to perform the video. Although no worry, what you require to do is probably go to yahoo and google. com and look for "flv player" and there are actually couples of Free of charge player available. Just download and also install it using your laptop it will be possible to watch the particular video you saved at the moment. OK, now grab the actual popcorn and like the movie!

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