If You Are a Student, Take Advantage of What Microsoft Has to Offer

If you are a college student Microsoft offers you many of its most expensive programs free of charge. They do this as a customer service. They know that if they offer this service for free for people while they going to college and don't have much expendable income, then they will buy their products after they get a better job. To take part in this wonderful program follow these simple steps.


  1. Go to dreamspark.com

  2. Sign in with your microsoft .net passport (this will be your hotmail or live email login information)

  3. Get verified. Microsoft will ask you for your school email and anything with a .edu extension will grant you access to the dreamspark suite of products.

  4. Download any number of the free programs listed, including:

    1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

    2. Windows Phone Software

    3. Windows Server 2008

    4. Small Basic

    5. KODU Game Lab

    6. Visual Studio 2010

    7. Expression Studio 4 Ultimate

    8. SQL Server 2008

    9. XNA Game Studio

    10. Robotics Developer Studio

    11. Internet Explorer 9

    12. Virtual PC

    13. Embedded

    14. Visual Basic

    15. C#

    16. C++

    17. Visual Web Developer


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