How to Reduce Spam with a Temporary Email Address?

Most websites will require a valid email address to register or sign up for their services or obtain information. And there are a lot of sites that will see your email address to spammers and then you get hit with tons of emails containing scam attempts, pornography or worse.


There is an easy way around this – you can use a free, no-registration required, temporary email address. These free email accounts are created when needed, will hold your emails for a standard, set period of time and then delete the emails at the set expiration date. They are great to use if all you need is to receive a password or a legitimate email address verification so you can post a comment or download a file.

Just do a search with your favorite search engine for temporary email address. Look for one that does not require you to register, allows you to configure the amount of time you can keep your emails and also will forward to your personal email account. Then just come up with a temporary email address name and you are ready to go!


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