How to Use Bluetooth Technology to Connect a Computer and a Cellphone

In the world of smart phones connectivity is a very important thing. Your smart phone is basically a small computer and the easier it is for you to get your data from your computer to your phone the better off you are. We can use Bluetooth technology to connect computers with cell phones. You can now move images, videos, music, and other files between the two devices. In order to use Bluetooth to connect your devices first make sure that they are both Bluetooth compatible.


If your computer does not support Bluetooth, don't worry. You can use a USB Bluetooth dongle. Just plug it into the USB port of your computer. Leave the rest to Windows. It will find the driver and install itself. If you have any problems follow these simple steps (this example is for a Vista computer):

  1. Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your cellphone.

  2. Make this setting: My Phone's Visibility – Shown to all (on the phone).

  3. On your computer click Control Panel, then Bluetooth Devices.

  4. Under Devices, click Add

  5. When the Wizard shows up click the box that says “My device is set up and ready to be found.”, click Next

  6. The name of the device should appear on the screen. Click on it. Then click Next

  7. Select “Let me choose my own passkey”, click Next

  8. It will display the passkey, now key this into your waiting cellphone.

  9. Click Finish

  10. It will now show your connected phone on your computer. You can click Properties and choose the Services tab and you can choose the services that you want.

  11. Swap away!

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