About PC TLC, Inc.

About PC TLC, Inc.

PC TLC, Inc. is a leading provider of computer repair and Information Technology Services in the Evansville, IN area. Whether you are experiencing a slow computer, virus infection, spyware, or data loss, you can trust our expert technicians will get your computers running better than ever.

Technology changes so very rapidly. It is the focus of PC TLC, Inc. to provide innovative technology solutions for small business clients. All business owners want to increase their revenue while expending as little precious capital as possible to do so. We offer exceptional products and services that will set up your company to leverage technology to increase your revenue while simultaneously decreasing your costs.

Call us today to schedule a free Network Analysis. This is a no-obligation meeting with one of our educated and experienced technicians. We will review your network and technology systems and present to you a report of areas where you will be able to increase efficiency and maximize revenue. Call us now at (812) 499-9587 or send us a message with our contact form and we will contact you right away.



PC TLC recovered almost all of my data from a failed hard-drive. The drive was still under warranty, but to have the manufacturer (Maxtor/Seagate) recover data would have been over $1200. PC TLC recovered 90% of the data for under $90. The unrecoverable data was due to hardware failure which could be recovered for a similar cost as to what Seagate originally gave, but that 10% is not worth the extra cost. Thanks guys!

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