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by Brian on May 15, 2009

Microsoft Windows Vista really got started on the wrong foot. When it was first released in 2007, the software was still full of problems. New computers came pre-installed with the software and users were not openly given the choice of another operating system like Windows XP.

Since the release of Vista, we have sold hundreds of computers and NOT ONE person has requested Windows Vista. Everyone seems to want Windows XP because they have heard all of the fuss about Vista being terrible.

Well a couple of years have passed and Microsoft has released countless updates to the Vista software via the Windows Update Service.

A couple of months ago, I built a new office computer and I used Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit.  I must say I have been VERY impressed by it. One issue with Vista is that it runs slowly on computers with inadequate hardware. A Dual Core Processor and at LEAST 2GB of System Memory (RAM) are needed for Vista to perform at an acceptable level.

On my system I used a fast AMD Dual Core Processor and 8GB of RAM. Overkill, for sure…but RAM is cheap so I went ahead and maxed out the motherboard with memory.

If your Vista computer is running slow and having problems, we can help make your computer run FAST and reliably. Call us today to schedule a service call. Or bring your computer into our shop any day M-F from 8-5. We offer SAME DAY service and FREE diagnostics.
So far, so good. A couple of our technicians are experimenting with the new Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate). Windows 7 is due out this Christmas or early 2010

Hopefully Windows 7 will have a better first couple of years than Windows Vista had.

In any case, the brilliant technicians here at PC TLC, Inc. are here to help.

Whether you have Windows 2000, XP, Vista, MAC, Linux, we can help.

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