Evansville Data Recovery

by Brian on May 15, 2009

Every day, companies and individuals just like you rely on PC TLC to provide fast and affordable Data Recovery Services here in the Evansville area.

We recover files from hard drives,  removable media, floppy disks, optical disks, flash drives, and other types of media. We have a team of educated and certified technicians that provide quick, reliable emergency service to customers experiencing data loss due to hardware failure, software corruption, or natural disaster.

We have many customers come to us with SERIOUS data loss issues. These customer have lost their accounting database files from Peachtree, Quickbooks, or Microsoft Money programs. We have a 100% success rate of recovering accounting databases for customers.

Laptop Drives, Desktop Disks, RAID Systems, Flash Drives, we can perform our Recovery Services on any disk.

We have recovered data from computers in floods,  user reformatted, virus infection, dropped from tables, had various substances spilled into them, and those disks  that simply died from natural causes.

Time is of the essence. If you believe your hard drive is in trouble, power of the computer right away and call us for service.


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