Laptop Repair Guide - Easy Laptop Hard Drive Replacement

Changing your hard drive generally is a tedious task. On the other hand, in order for making it easy, you'll be able to follow the methods below:


1. Choose The right size and type before replacing the harddrive, you must have a new drive ready.

Remember to choose the right one because they need few types.

Check your hard drive connector type ahead of buying. The size is also important. Don't go purchasing a PC hard disk in your laptop.

2. Always backup files. Remember to back up your files ahead of replacing the harddrive. If you can clone it, it can be better. Use cloning software to try and do so. If in conversation with clone it, you must copy your files manually either by means of copying it to DVDs or alternative external drive.

3. Remove your outdated hard disk. Remove your old hard drive by turning your laptop upside down and use the suitable screwdriver. Take out this laptop battery to gain access into that internal hardware. Sometimes, you will must remove all the covers for you to have access into the interior hardware. Remember to do this gently. If you are feeling it's hard to look at it off. Don't force it. Check if you've left any screws or in case you are doing it an untrustworthy way. If an individual damaged the connector, it'll become unusable.

4. Install the brand-new Drive. After removing the old hard drive, you should be able to install the innovative drive. Do it slowly to prevent any damage for the connector.

5. Configure your brand new hard disk. Put many of the screws back within and everything to come back, then you can begin configuring your new disc drive. The BIOS will need to automatically detect the newest hard drive. Just follow the actual on-screen instruction and you should be okay. Install your operating-system (OS) and you're fine.

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