OpenDNS Family Shield Review

by Brian on August 10, 2010

We get asked at least once per week what products a family can use to keep the filth off their home computers. There are lots of good products out there that will put a tight reign on your computer system.

If you have done business with us before, you know that we LOVE free stuff (who doesn’t?). One of our long-time technology partners, has a new product they call Family Shield.

This isn’t software…this is a setting that we can program into your home router. This works by changing the way your computers translate Domain names (ex: to IP addresses  (ex:

It only takes a few minutes to change this setting, and immediately your network will be filtered of pornographic websites, spyware, and other junk that you wish to keep out.

Pros: FREE, easy to set up, no software

Cons: Not user configurable, no easy Instant-allow type option, Easy to bypass
If you want to try out this service, you can read the How-To section of the Family Shield website, or for a limited time, if you LIKE us on Facebook,  we will set it up on your network FREE of charge.*

Call us Now to get started: 812-499-9587

*Free service is only available over remote support connections.  If on-site service is necessary, it must be charged our regular hourly rate. Offer Ends: August 31st 2010

Summary: While it doesn’t have the grangular controls that some other software-based filtering systems can give you…the price is right. This service is much better than NO filtering and we can set up your home for protection TODAY.

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