My computer won’t start up!!!

by Brian on February 4, 2009

We understand that a computer that won’t start can make you pull your hair out. It makes you start thinking about some scary questions such as:

Are my files safe?

I think I made a backup of my documents and pictures…where is that CD ???

Will I have to go buy a whole new computer?

What caused this to happen?

Most of the time when a computer won’t start up the fix is simple and relatively inexpensive. A failed power supply is the most common problem in a PC that won’t start up at all. This is about $100 repair including a new power supply and installation.

If the computer starts to come up but you never get to the actual Windows desktop screen, the cause could be lots of different things including hard drive, memory, virus, file corruption, the list goes on…

Here is the good news. At PC TLC, we offer FREE diagnostics. If you bring your computer into our shop, we will diagnose the problem and provide an estimate for repair all at no cost to you. Our repair rates are the lowest in the area, and are diagnostics are FREE. You have nothing to lose. Bring your computer in today.

We look forward to serving you.

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