I think my hard drive is crashing

by Brian on March 3, 2009

If you think your hard drive has crashed or is failing, the first thing you need to do is POWER OFF and unplug your computer. The longer a failing hard drive is running in its bad condition, the more your precious files will continue to deteriorate.

Why do hard drives fail?

A hard drive is the hardest working piece of equipment in a computer. Modern hard drives are small boxes inside your computer. Inside these drives are a stack of metalic disks that spin at very high speed. They can spin anywhere from 4000-15,000 revolutions per minute, which equals nearly 170 miles per hour ! When things are moving that quickly, the smallest of internal errors or malfunction can mean disaster for your data.

Some common signs of a failing hard drive are:

  • Disappearing files
  • Very long wait when opening files
  • Errors about “file corruption”
  • Reoccuring error messages when moving/copying files
  • A grinding, clicking, or buzzing type sound (this is VERY bad!! Power down your computer and bring it to us right away)

If any of the above events are happening, it is imperitave that you bring in your computer as quickly as possible. We are the area experts in data recovery. We can use our specialized software and equipment to recovery your data and restore your computer to perfect running condition.

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