I think I have a virus

by Brian on February 4, 2009

There are over 1 million computer viruses in circulation. Many of them are programmed to have little virus babies and copy themselves onto every computer possible.

An infected computer can do all sorts of scary things like: record all of the keys you press and send the virus writer a copy of everything that you type (including emails, chat, passwords, websites, etc.) A virus can also destroy your data can cause your computer to not start again after you reboot.

How can you stay protected?

While no single software package will protect you 100%, we set up out customers with a suite of free protection utilities that will rid you computer of viruses as well as protect your computer in the future. Don’t spends hundreds of dollars on antivirus and antispyware programs, we use FREE software at PC TLC, Inc.

We are your local experts on computer virus removal and protection. Call us today, or bring your computer tower in for immediate service.

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